How to Create a WiFi QR code for the WiFi Manager

The Pristine WiFi Assistant helps you easily connect smart gasses to a WiFi network. After inputting your network information, you can generate a QR code and then scan it with the Pristine WiFi manager on the glasses to join a network.



  1. Enter your WiFi network’s name (SSID).
  2. Choose your network’s security type via the drop down menu presented.  Most WiFi mobile hotspots and home networks are WPA/WPA2.  If you have an 802.1x network, you will be presented with additional fields to enter upon choosing that type within the dropdown menu.     pasted_image_0__1_.png
  3. Enter your WiFi network’s password.
  4. If you are utilizing a network with a Hidden SSID, click on Hidden SSID? to notate that.  (A green check mark will be visible if selected.)  
  5. If you are utilizing a network using a static IP, click on Using a static IP? to pull up the additional fields and enter the additional network details.


Once all the details are entered and confirmed, click the Generate QR Code button to view the QR code to be scanned with Pristine’s WiFi Manager application.  


If you are having issues scanning the QR code to join the network, you can click Back to review the data entered on the previous page.

To create another QR code, click Reset to clear the data entered within the Pristine WiFi Assistant and return to the previous page.

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