Glass Battery Issues and Recommendations

The following article outlines solutions for common Google Glass battery issues.

Considerations for Charging:
Google Glass will automatically turn on when you connect it to a charger. After you plug in Google Glass to charge, make sure to power the device off after unplugging the device.

Glass unit is turned off and won't accept a charge when plugged in to a 1.2A or 2.1A USB outlet. When the device is plugged in, the power indicator is illuminated. Within a short period, up to five seconds, the power indicator turns off. It appears that the device will not charge.

Quick Solution:
Keep the device powered-down and unplugged for a day. Then, plug the Glass device back in to the wall for an hour. Finally, try turning the device on.

Long Solution:
If the Quick Solution doesn't solve the problem, try the following steps prescribed by Google:
1.     Plug the device into the wall charger (not just the PC/laptop USB port).
2.     Leave the device plugged in for about an hour.
3.     Unplug the device after an hour and plug right back in.
4.     Repeat the above steps several times over the course of several hours.
5.     Leave device plugged in overnight.

Google Glass has a power state bug that appears when the battery is at low power. The known solution is to let the device fully drain to 0% power prior to a charge-and-boot cycle.
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