Managing Users

To create, invite, update, or remove users...

1. Log in to the admin portal at with your email and password.

2. Navigate to the User Management page by clicking on the Users icon in the left hand column.  

You will then see the Invite User button on the right hand side:


3. To create a user, click Invite User and enter their Name (display name), Email address, and the desired user role. The user will receive an email requesting they set their password within 24 hours.


  • Users can log into EyeSight and make calls; they cannot create other users
  • Domain Admins can create other users; they cannot create other admins 
  • Root Domain Admins can create admins and users
  • Restricted Users can login to EyeSight and receive calls, but cannot see or call other users
  • Guest Users only have access to your EyeSight domain via a Chrome Web link for 24 hours and can only make and receive calls 

4. To delete a user, click on the red X on the right side of the row showing that user.  


5. You can edit the user's display name and/or user role directly from the respective row on the User Management page.  To open the User Edit page, click the grey button next to a user to access additional options like administering team membership. 


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