Wi-Fi Technical Details: Captive Portals, Firewalls, etc.

Below are technical considerations for connecting your Pristine wearable devices to Wi-Fi networks. For basic instructions on connecting to most Wi-Fi networks, please see this article.

1. TestRTC: use Chrome to access test.webrtc.org and perform a basic test to understand whether a given machine is ready for calls with EyeSight’s underlying technology, WebRTC.

TestRTC will test:

  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Network
  • Connectivity
  • Throughput

See below for a sample Test RTC result. If any of the fields turn red while during your test, please reach out to support@pristine.io for further assistance. 

2. Captive Portals: captive portals are pages users have to click through before gaining access to the Internet. Most captive portals include terms and conditions a user must accept. Guest networks are a common example of networks with captive portals.

  • Wearable devices must be whitelisted by MAC address or hostname to allow the devices to bypass a captive portal.​


  • Work with your network administrator to whitelist your wearable device if you must connect it to a network with a captive portal.

3. Firewalls and Destination IP: below are the ports that should be opened to enable EyeSight calls and the effect of having these ports closed. Please see the destination IP address below for selectively opening these ports.

5. Assigning a Static IP Address to a Wearable Device: it is possible to assign a static IP address to a wearable device via the QR code generator at wifi.pristine.io. This might be helpful if your organization utilizes DHCP.

  • To utilize a static IP address, check the "Static IP" box and fill in these additional data elements when generating your QR code.​


  • The static IP address is saved on the wearable device only for the one given network. Please note that when the device connects to other networks, the static IP address chosen will not be assigned.​


  • To change the static IP address, either generate a new QR code for the same network or have the device forget the Wi-Fi network. For instructions on forgetting a Wi-Fi network on your wearable device, please see this article.




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