Requesting a Call from a Vuzix Device

This article contains instructions for using the Broadcast Alert feature from a wearable device.

Wearable users are not able to initiate calls to Web/Mobile Users. However, wearable users can request a call by broadcasting an alert. When this feature is used, any users logged into EyeSight will hear an audible ping and the name of the wearable device requesting the call will blink red in the EyeSight user list.

To broadcast an alert:

1. Launch EyeSight

2. On Vusix, press the select button. An option, "Request a Call", appears.

3. To confirm you want to request a call, select the option.

4. After requesting a call, the call screen will confirm that a call has been requested.

5. Web and Mobile Users are now aware that you are requesting a call.

To cancel an alert:

1. Click the select button.

2. A notice will appear that reads "Cancel Alert".

3. To confirm you want to cancel the alert, click the select button again.

4. The device will return to the Pristine EyeSight homescreen without the call request noted.

5. Your device is still ready to receive a call, but there is no call request attached to the device.

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