EyeSight Web Application Introduction

This article contains instructions for using the EyeSight Web application. Please note that Google Chrome is the only supported browser for accessing EyeSight via PC or Mac and your computer will need both a camera and microphone enabled to use EyeSight.

Accessing the EyeSight Web Application

You can access EyeSight in Chrome by navigating to eyesight.pristine.io.

Once EyeSight loads, youʼll be presented with a login form. Enter your email address and password and click LOG IN.


Granting Web Application Permissions

When you first login, EyeSight asks for permission to use your camera and microphone. Make sure to enable both or you will not be able to see the video and/or hear your call partner. 


Overview of the EyeSight application screen

1. User Status:

When red, the user is in a call and cannot receive another call.  Green indicates they are Available.   


2. Teams:

View available users by team. 


3. Call Requests: 

View and respond to all team members that are requesting a call. 


4. Guests:

Guests have temporary access to EyeSight, and are shown in this tab. 




5. Request a Call:

Go to the TEAMS tab and click on the team that you would like to reach.  Then click the triangle to the right to send an alert to all members of that team. 

6. Make a Call:

Click a team to see its members, then click the user you want to call.  You can also do this from the list of all users under the USERS tab.  

7. Help Center:

This will direct you to support.pristine.io.

8. Settings:

Change call settings, reset your password, and run network diagnostics.


Once logged in, you will see a list of the available users on the left in the USERS panel. Your username will display in the upper-left corner.

To call a user, simply click on the name of the user you'd like to call. You may receive a pop-up on the top of your Chrome window asking to allow the use of your microphone and camera. Click "Allow" to proceed.


Teams allows you to see all the users within a given team, call a selected user within that team or request a call from the entire team.  

To see the members of a team, click on the team name to expand the user list. To initiate a call with a given user, simply click on the user name. 

To request a call from the team click the triangle button next to the team name.  An call request alert will be sent to all online members of that team.  


When another user requests a call, you will see a notification in the Requests panel.


You can invite a guest to join EyeSight for a 24-hour period. Guests can only be called, they cannot initiate or request a call.

Click INVITE GUEST and complete the form, the invitee will receive an email with instructions for accessing the application. The person who invited the guest will be notified by an alert when the invited guest logs into EyeSight.

Call Buttons

  • The microphone button at the bottom of the screen will mute your microphone.
  • The "-" and "+" buttons on the right side of the screen will only appear if you are calling a device that has the functionality to zoom the video out and in, respectively.
  • The red phone button at the top right ends a call.


Click the paperclip icon to view attachments and snapshots, upload images or pdf and share annotations. The attachments view syncs with the your call partner to show all your shared images and annotations.

Click an image to view it in full-size within the Attachments panel.  From this view you can zoom, pan or annotate.


Drag and drop to upload images or PDFs


Upload Image: Upload an image or pdf from your desktop to share with your call partner.

Remote Snapshot: Take a snapshot of your call partners video feed.

Local Snapshot: Take a snapshot of your video feed.

Annotations: Click the paintbrush  icon on the bottom left of the screen to choose a color and use your mouse to draw on the image. You and your call partnerʼs annotations are synced instantly.

Other Settings and Options

You can access options for EyeSight by clicking the cog icon in the lower-right corner of the Web application. Users can change call settings, reset their password and run network diagnostic tests in the case connectivity is causing issues.

Prompt to Answer: prior to receiving an incoming call, a prompt asks you to accept. To disable, uncheck the ‘Prompt to Answer’ box. 

Show Post Call Survey: surveys are generated by default on calls lasting more than 1 minute.  To disable, uncheck the ‘Show Post Call Survey’ box. 

Low Bandwidth Mode: This feature will enable the video to turn off and go into audio only mode when the connectivity is too low to support video. Once connectivity is returned, the video will automatically come back on as well. This allows users to remain in a single call when they know connectivity varies within the environment. 

Help Center: directs the user to support.pristine.io.

Network Diagnostic: used for troubleshooting.

Change Password: takes effect across web and mobile.

Logout: EyeSight remains logged in until you explicitly log out from the Settings menu.

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