Inviting a Guest User

Guest users can be invited to an EyeSight video call.  Here are some important facts about guest users:

  • Guest users can only access the Web application in Google Chrome.  
  • Guest users are sent an invite via email and click the link to login to EyeSight.
  • Guest users can only make and receive calls from the user that invited them.  
  • Guest users do not have visibility to your teams and user lists.
  • The invite link sent to guest users expires after 24 hours.
  • The person who invites the guest is notified by an alert when the invited guest logs in.

To invite a guest to an EyeSight video call;

1. Log into EyeSight. Click on the Guests link at the bottom of the teams list.  


2. Then click on the green +User icon on the right side of the screen to open the invitation form:


3. Enter the email address and name (display name) of the person you would like to invite and then click Invite.

4. The invited guest will receive an email invitation with the subject line "[User] has invited you to an EyeSight video call". The invited guest should receive the email immediately; if they do not, please have the user check their junk folder.  

5. When the guest clicks the emailed link, they will be directed to and logged in automatically.  The only user they will see will be the one that invited them.    


*If Google Chrome is not the guest's default browser, they should copy the link and paste it into a Google Chrome browser.  

6. Once the guest has logged in, the inviting user will receive an alert and they will see the user within the Guests team. 


7.  To remove the guest prior to the expiration of the 24-hour window, the inviting user can click Revoke Invite on the right side of the row showing that guest.  

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