Vuzix Quick Guide

Turning you Glass device on and off:

1. Start the Vuzix device by holding the power button for 2-3 seconds.

2. Wait approximately 10 to 20 seconds for the device to power on. The device is fully booted once the launcher screen appears. Select Pristine Launcher to proceed to Pristine applications.

To turn off your Vuzix device, hold down the power button for 2-3 seconds. You will be prompted to confirm you decision to "power off" 


Navigating on Vuzix

Below you will see a short list of how to use the top buttons on your device. 

Short press the Forward/Back Buttons to navigate menu items

Short press the Select Button to select a menu item.

Long press the Select Button to cancel out of a menu.

Long press the Back Button to return to the home screen.

Long press the Forward Button to open the menu for a screen.

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