Wearable Camera App & Box.com Integration for Glass

Pristine supports Box.com integration which allows you to capture and upload encrypted videos and images to Box.com from your wearable device. Please note that your organization must have a Box.com account and Pristine must authorize your device before you will be able to download our Camera application which enables Box.com integration.

Configuring Box on Wearable Device

First, you must configure Box. If you do not already have an account with Box, first create one at Box.com. Then, navigate to box.pristine.io and login with your account. Once logged in, type the desired tags that you will see attributed to the videos and images you upload.

If using Google Glass, first power on the device and then say "OK Glass...Configure Box." Or, navigate to the "Box Settings" screen:


NOTE: If you try to capture or view images or videos before configuring Box, you will see the following screen:

If scanning the QR code is successful, you will see the following screen with your tag name:

Capturing Videos and Images

Now, you can say "OK Glass...Capture Video" or "OK Glass...capture photo" with Google Glass. Your device will automatically upload the media to your account at Box.com over WiFi.

While recording video, you can nod your head back at any time to stop recording. In this way, you can navigate the Camera Application hands-free.

To view the captured media, login to your account at Box.com.

Checking on Media Upload

The captured videos and images will automatically upload to Box.com over WiFi. To see how many files are left to upload, navigate to the "Configure Box" option. Then, move forward to the Auto Upload Service screen:

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