Remote Snapshots and Annotations

This article contains instructions for using the EyeSight Web application. Please note that Google Chrome is the only supported browser for accessing EyeSight via PC or Mac and your computer will need both a camera and microphone enabled to use EyeSight.

EyeSight provides the user with the ability to take remote and local snapshots that can be shared with the call partner. Additionally, users can annotate on these snapshots to draw attention or focus to a specific item or area on the image. 

How do I take a snapshot?

Once you tap on the screen, you will see an icon at the bottom labeled "Snapshot".  Click to take a snapshot.  The view that is the maximized on the screen at that time, will be the image presented in the snapshot.  

  1. Remote Snapshot - takes a high-definition picture of the video being streamed from your call partner.
  2. Local Snapshot - takes a high-definition picture of the local video.

You can toggle between these two views by clicking the max arrow  icon in the bottom right of the minimized view.  


The Attachments icon is also along the bottom of the screen.  When attachments are available to view, it will turn green as shown above.  Click to open that view:

The Attachments panel will open up on the left half of the screen.  This is where you can also upload a local file.  

UPLOAD FILE - click to open a browser box to search the local machine and upload an Image or PDF that can be shared.  You can also drag and drop into the Attachments panel.  

Viewing Snapshots

Snapshots will be numbered 1 through X and will appear in the Attachments panel on the left side of the screen. You may need to scroll down to find the snapshot you are interested in reviewing.

To display the snapshot, simply click on the image in the Attachment panel.

To download the snapshot to your local machine, click the down arrow  icon on the top right in the Attachment panel.

To delete the snapshot, select the three vertical dots on the top right side. This will open up options to Clear (all) Annotations from the snapshot or Delete the file.  

To close the snapshot, click on the back arrow at the top left hand corner of the open snapshot.

Annotating Snapshots

It's often necessary to add notes or cues to the image to call attention to a specific area or item on the image. At the bottom left corner of the snapshot, you'll see the paintbrush icon that shows the 5 annotation colors available. 


To add an annotation to the snapshot, click the color you would like to use and then use the mouse to draw on the image. Annotations are automatically synced to your call partners view. 

To undo the last annotation made, click the undo arrow  icon at the top right of the Attachments panel.  

Zoom and Pan Snapshots

Use the slider or your mouse wheel to change the zoom level.
Pan controls are also at the top left of the screen.


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