Settings (iOS/Android)


Support Settings

Help Center - Search EyeSight troubleshooting articles and tutorials.

EyeSight Tutorial - Review the EyeSight walkthrough originally presented upon initial login.  

Contact Us - Submit a support ticket to Pristine.

My Tickets - Review open support tickets with Pristine.


Application Settings

Prompt to Answer - By default, a dialog is presented to accept or decline a call. If disabled, incoming calls are automatically answered.

Low Bandwidth Mode - Calls will automatically switch to audio-only when connectivity is extremely poor. You will still be able to share snapshots and annotations.

Present Post-Call Survey - Allows a survey from your organization to be presented at the end of a call.

Auto-Save Attachments - Automatically download all attachments locally to your device at the end of each call.   


Version - The version number of your EyeSight app.

Sign Out - Logs the current user out of EyeSight.

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