Receiving and Ending an EyeSight Call on ODG

Answering an EyeSight Call 

1. Launch EyeSight and ensure you are connected and ready for a call in the EyeSight home screen.


2. To answer an incoming EyeSight call, Tap the track pad or look up 45 degrees. 

3. This is what your in call screen will look like. Note the battery indicator on the lower left corner and the network indicator on the lower right corner. 

Ending a Call

There are two ways to hang up a call.

1. Select the back button. That will automatically end the call and bring you back to your EyeSight home screen. 

2. Select the menu button to surface your systems menu and select the cog to Lauch EyeSight's Menu. 

Select Hang up from the EyeSight setting menu. 


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