I'm logged into the EyeSight mobile application, but...

1. Nobody is online or I can’t find the person that I want to call

  • Click on the the team name to surface a list of logged in users on your team
    • You must click on the team name in order to see user names. User names will not appear individually on the home screen
  • If no users appear logged, no one may be online
    • Contact the person you are trying to reach by alternate means to see if they are logged in
  • You may not be on the same team as the person you want to call
    • Contact your administrator to confirm team assignment
  • If you are behind a firewall and EyeSight is unable to reach the signaling service, users will not show up in the client list
    • You can check the reachability of Pristine’s services by hitting their heartbeat endpoint — you will receive a HTTP 200 OK response code on success
      • Type in "https://slam-v4.pristine.io/heartbeat" and look for an OK response code
      • Communicate with your IT department to confirm firewall is not blocking access to auth.pristine.io and that port 443 is enabled for tcp

2. If you are expecting a call, but do not see an incoming call


3. If you are attempting to alert a team to request a call, but nobody is calling you back

  • Confirm that the users you are trying to contact are logged into EyeSight
  • Contact your administrator to confirm that you are listed on the same EyeSight team
  • If you have confirmed that the user you are trying contact is logged in AND that you are both on the same team, refresh your web browser
  • Make sure the people you are attempting to alert have notifications enabled
  • Make sure their computer volume is up and sound is not muted


4. If you are attempting to invite a guest a receive a “Failed to invite a guest message”

  • Confirm that the e-mail address is valid
  • Confirm that the e-mail address is not associated with an existing EyeSight account
    • E-mail addresses already associated with an EyeSight account cannot be invited as guests - please contact your administrator to add an existing EyeSight user to your team.


If your issue is still not resolved, please click the "Request Help" link in the upper right of the page or send a detailed description of the issue to support@pristine.io

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