I have my smart glasses, but they won't turn on.

1. If your smart glasses won't turn on or appear to be stuck on a loading screen

  • The device battery may be depleted
    • Plug the device in to charge for a minimum of 20 minutes and try again
  • The power button may not have been held down for long enough
    • Make sure you are holding the power button down for a minimum of 3 seconds
    • Holding the power button for a full 10 seconds may be necessary in the case where a device is stuck on a loading screen
  • The device may actually be on, but the viewfinder may be positioned such that you cannot see the screen
    • Take off the glasses and look into the viewfinder directly for signs of light
  • If the device was recently used, it may be overheated
    • Take off the device and allow it to cool for a minimum of 15 minutes 



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