I'm in an EyeSight call, but...

1. The call has disconnected

  • This may happen if you or your partner loses connectivity, check your connectivity and restart the call
  • If your glass is still showing as "busy" despite the call disconnecting, you may still be in a poor connectivity area. Once connectivity is re-established, it may still take up to 20 seconds for Glass' status to update


2. I'm not hearing any sound

  • This may be due to Glass volume settings or your partner's microphone settings
    • End the call and check your volume under "Settings"
    • Have your call partner confirm that their microphone is on and working


3. My partner has lost the video feed, but still has audio

  • Your partner may be in low-bandwidth mode and it's expected behavior for the call to drop to snapshots and audio only during periods of low connectivity


4. Glass says "sending a snapshot," but you do not see the image in the prism

  • This is expected behavior, your partner must annotate on the snapshot before it appears in the glass prism


5. Glass says "sending a snapshot", but your partner does not receive it

  • There may be a delay due to connection strength, please allow extra time for transmission


6. Glass shows a warning about overheating "Glass is too hot"

  • You may be able to swipe to dismiss the message and continue the call
  • If the message appears and then the Glass shuts itself down or the call ends, take off the Glass and allow it to cool down for at least 15 minutes
  • NOTE: Glass will overheat faster when plugged in to an outlet or battery pack for charging 


7. Video quality is poor

  • You or your partner may be experiencing connectivity issues, please see the connectivity troubleshooting guide
    • For weaker connectivity environments, try low-bandwidth more or try turning off HD call quality under the EyeSight settings menu
  • Keep in mind that call quality can only be as good as the screen quality. Older computer monitors may not provide optimum resolution. 
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