Wifi Application: Connecting and Removing WiFi Networks on ODG

This article contains instructions for connecting your wearable device to Wi-Fi as well as removing your wearable device from Wi-Fi.

1. Generate a QR code for the Wi-Fi network. You can use our QRgenerator at wifi.pristine.io.

  • Fill in the network name, network type, and password.​​


  • NOTE: If the network type is 802.1x, you will have to fill in the additional fields. After the fields are filled in, click the QR button to generate a QR code.


2. Power on your ODG device. 

3. Navigate to the WiFi manager using the track pad. Select the WiFi Manager. 


4. Press the select button while on the Wifi Manager screen, then, scan the QR code generated in the previous step by aiming the device’s camera toward the QR code.

6. If you see "Error", double-check the network SSID and credentials. Please note that the network name must be entered exactly, including capitalized letters, spaces, and any special characters.

Removing a WiFi Network from ODG 

To force your ODG device to forget a Wi-Fi network, you must first connect to the network you wish to remove from your Glass and then access the settings menu. 
1. From the ODC home screen, navigate to the settings menu using the track pad. 
2. Once you are in the settings menu, select Wi-Fi

3. Use the trackpad to navigate to the Wi-Fi you would like to remove, then press the select button

4. A pop up will appear, select "Forget" to remove the Wi-Fi network
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