I'm in the EyeSight application, but...

1. The screen says "No wifi connection"


2. The screen says that a user needs to be set


3. The screen says "Device Pending Approval"

  • Contact your EyeSight administrator and ask them to authorize the device via admin.eyesight.io


4. The screen says "Logging In" or "Connecting" and appears to be stuck there

  • This message may be a temporary software issue
    • Tap to log out, then tap to log back in
    • Close the application and then re-launch EyeSight
    • You may also try resetting the user on the wearable to resolve this issue
  • The time on your device may not be correct - please enable automatic date and time synchronization on your device
  • This message can be wifi or network related, please see the wifi and network troubleshooting sections 
    • If network and wifi troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the issue, please file a ticket using the "Request Help" button or e-mail support@pristine.io








If your issue is still not resolved, please click the "Request Help" link in the upper right of the page or send a detailed description of the issue to support@pristine.io

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