I'm having trouble receiving a call

1. You may have missed the "tap to accept incoming call" message

  • If you do not tap to accept the call when you see this message, the call will not connect


2. If you have answered a call, but the screen appears blank

  • The call may be hung, please close and restart EyeSight


3. If the screen says "connecting," but never actually connects

  • Exit the call and check your connectivity 
    • If you're on a hotspot, check the signal strength - EyeSight works best on four bars of LTE
  • If you are on wifi network, move closer to an access point
  • For more information, see the connectivity troubleshooting guide


4. If the in-call screen appears, but the timer is not counting 

  • You may have waited too long to answer the call and the other person has already hung
    • Exit EyeSight and restart the call


If your issue is still not resolved, please click the "Request Help" link in the upper right of the page or send a detailed description of the issue to support@pristine.io

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