I'm attempting to make a call, but...

1. If you are attempting to make a call and getting a network error, use Chrome Developer tools (an option inside the Chrome web browser) to find more details about what is happening 

    • Open a new Chrome tab and open up Chrome Dev Tools
      • Ctrl+Shift+J on Windows
      • ⌘+⌥ (Option)+J on OS X
    • Select the network tool
    • Click on the WS filter
    • Visit eyesight.io in your newly opened tab and log in
    • Click on the ws?token= entry
    • Click on the frames tab


2. Use the ICE candidate anatomy chart below to identify the candidate types

  • If there are no candidates or only a host candidate, firewall settings are blocking EyeSight traffic. work with your IT administrator to make the port traffic adjustments outlined in the EyeSight troubleshooting guide PDF document.
    • The type of traffic, the specific addresses or the ports may be blocked
    • E-mail support@pristine.io if you do not have a copy of the full EyeSight troubleshooting pdf.

If your issue is still not resolved, please click the "Request Help" link in the upper right of the page or send a detailed description of the issue to support@pristine.io


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