Resetting your Password (iOS/Android)

This article contains instructions for resetting your password from the EyeSight Mobile application.

If you cannot access your EyeSight account, you can reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password? link under the LOGIN button on the login screen.  You will be directed to a page requesting your Email address.   

Enter your Email address and click Send Password Reset.  

Note: If the Email address you enter is not a valid user, you will receive the following error message:  “Failed to reset your password.”

Once the Password Reset Request is complete, check your email for [Pristine] Password Reset Request.  Follow the link provided to open the Reset Password screen.  

Enter your new password in each of the fields and click RESET PASSWORD.  (You will not be able to click RESET PASSWORD until the entry in the Password field matches the entry in the Verify Password field.)  

Note: If you do not complete the Password Reset within 24 hours of receipt of the [Pristine] Password Reset Request email, you will receive the following error message:  “Invitation expired. Please request a new one.”  You will also receive this message if you are attempting to use characters not allowed in password formatting. 

Once the Password Reset is complete, you will see a pop-up box stating the reset was a Success! while being redirected to the EyeSight login screen.


For troubleshooting, see this article under Web application troubleshooting:  My Password Reset keeps failing

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