How to make an Outgoing EyeSight Call from Glass

This article contains instructions for making an outbound EyeSight call using Glass. This feature requires EyeSight v7.2.0 or later.

To allow outbound calls, the domain's admin must first set the wearable device as a full User within the Admin Application.

Go to, log in and select the Wearables menu.


To create a new wearable user, choose User in the drop-down menu to create the user QR code.  

To authorize an existing user, change the selection from Restricted User (the wearable default) to User under Role.  

Log in to EyeSight on your Glass device.  

Once on the Ready for Call screen, tap to pull up the menu.  Scroll to Contacts and tap to select.  

*Keep in mind that the Contacts option is not visible within the menu for Restricted Users.  

Under Contacts, you will see your team name and the number of team members online.  

Tap the device again to pull up the list of users.  They will be shown as either Online (green) or Away (orange).    

Swipe to scroll to the user you would like to call.  Tap to call.  

The user will receive a notification that requests they Decline or Accept the call.  

Once the user accepts the call, you will be connected.  

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