How to enable Save Snapshots

This article contains instructions for enabling the save snapshot feature that will allow users to export snapshots or other attachments shared during a call.

This feature requires EyeSight v5.2.0 or later for Android and EyeSight v5.3.0 for iOS.

To allow Save Snapshots, the domain's admin must first enable the feature within the Admin application.

Go to, log in and select the Domain menu.


To enable the feature, click the box next to Save Attachments.  If the box is checked, the ability to save attachments will be turned ON for ALL users on the domain.  


Once enabled, individual users will be prompted upon their next login with an option to auto-save all attachments for future calls.  

If they choose NEVER, they will still have the option to individually save snapshots during calls by clicking the download icon on the in-call screen.


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